General Conditions for Printing

1.- The material required for printing must be delivered together with the insertion order, in case it is pending, the material must be delivered with a photocopy of the publication order.Type of Material Required (Test or text): Jazz, Removable, Syquest, Diskettes, Zip in EPS, TIFF or JEPG formats.

2.- When a notice has several dates of publication and / or different texts, it is necessary to make a publication order for each notice.

3.- If by diagram, or any other circumstance, the notice does not leave in the requested position of the customer, we will invoice it at the corresponding rate.

4.- The company does not grant exclusive rights to advertisers, but will avoid, as far as possible, to publish competing notices on the same page.

5.- The final gear must be made according to the exact typographical measures of the Regional of Zulia.Materials that do not conform to the measure will be recharged Bs 1,200 per cm / col.

6.- Cancellation orders, changes in publication dates, changes in size or changes of material must be accompanied by a photocopy of the corresponding publication order. When the material differs in size from the one indicated in the insertion order Will have a 50% surcharge.

7.- The obituary notices will be received until the closing of the edition and will have no surcharge.

8.- The company reserves the right to reject communications, remittances, open letters or any kind of notices addressed to the public, when they contain expressions that constitute injuria, defamation and valuation opinions of a subjective nature on natural persons, legal entities or institutions of Any kind.

9.- The client expressly declares that it relieves the company of any contractual, civil, commercial, criminal and / or loss of profit derived from the non-publication or incomplete reproduction of the ordered notice.

10.- When a notice is published with errors attributable to El Regional del Zulia and must continue to publish, the company will grant a replacement on the same publication, since it is estimated that the advertiser will be pending his notice and will immediately formulate the claim, After 24 hours no claim will be accepted.

11.- Photocopies and faxed materials will not be accepted for use as final art.

12.- THE REGIONAL OF ZULIA, does not circulate on January 1, Thursday and Holy Friday, October 25 and December 25.

13.- All notices from one day to another carry a surcharge of 25%.