1.- Black and White Notices: MARACAIBO OFFICE: 1 day before until 3:00 pm OFFICE CABINS: 1 day before until 3:00 pm OFFICE CITY OJEDA: 1 day before until 4:30 pm OFFICE CARACAS: 2 days Before until 4:30 pm

2.- Notices color: 3 days before the date of publication in all venues.
The warnings not registered within these schedules will be invoiced with a 15% surcharge. When closing the edition the notices not consigned will publish in blank with the legend: “reserved to” … (name of the agency or advertiser)
A.-) Consecutive notices or that demand the same page: 15%. B.-) Lifting of texts, reductions, extensions, copies, etc. Bs. 800 Cmt x COl. C .-) Indicating section: 20%. D.-) Indicating Position 20%. E.-) The ads for the “Sunday” editions have a surcharge of 25% on the total price f.-) Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance, for example: for Friday must be suspended on Wednesday until 5:00 Pm The cancellations for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be received until Friday at 3:00 pm, after this time limit, the company will charge 50% of the space that was reserved. (Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are not considered as business days). Notices with date changes will be taken as overrides. G.-) Notices that require low position, faced or other special sites, not specified in the present tariff, will have in addition to the already stipulated, a surcharge of 15%, notices confronted, merged, high or colored, minimum 100 Cmts c / u. H.-) Notices scheduled from one day to another will have a surcharge of 25% and must be consigned with their respective final art and no cancellation will be accepted, if this requirement is not met, the space will be published with the caption “Reserved to: (Customer name)